Friday, March 3, 2017

Introduction of Donald Trump’s dark side for nation of immigrants

"A Nation of Immigrants Enters Dark Chapter." CNN. Cable News Network, n.d. Web. 24 Feb. 2017.

My current event topic covers Donald Trump developing a law enforcing immigration policy, which would remove undocumented immigrants from the borders of the U.S. according to new Department of Homeland Security memo. There are two reasons seen by Donald Trump being important, which deals with the issue of interior immigration enforcement and as well as border security. The most appealing issue touching Trump’s deportation force is that police officers would be haunting anyone. While agents would be spending time and resources going after undocumented parents and children, there is a huge possibility for undocumented gangsters and violent criminals having time for their criminality being done.

DACA recipients,  those who were brought to the U.S. illegally during their childhood and were granted deportation relief under Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals policy were promised to be defended from unlawful policy rules. However, it is clearly stated in the immigration enforcement law that the Department is not going to exempt categories of removable aliens from potential enforcement. At the same time, another issue is racial profiling and civil rights violations. In seek of undocumented immigrants, agents would be waved from their job of protecting civilians. As a result, the rate of abuse and criminality would have been increased due to the fear and mistrust of locals towards law enforcement agencies.


As a reference, the topic can be linked to some of Hitler’s policies. First of them is deportation of Jews people, where the deportation is done towards different countries near Germany. According to that, the purpose is purity of Aryan race, which is the most prevalent policy for Hitler. In comparison to one of Donald Trump’s achievements is also the purity of the race. Another link to two presidents is their promise to make their countries great again. Both of presidents used people as a tool towards their goals, which would not lead to positive results according to Hitler’s success.

Current topic is important as it touches every local throughout the country. Not only their status is violated but also their security and loss of trust to the president. My reaction was not satisfying at all, hence I believe there are a lot of immigrants who deserve their status and boost America’s economy. At the same time, the U.S historically is a country of immigrants which implies the fact of the whole country being violated, while the majority of citizens were not in favor of the current presidency.
Shoes in which you run is much as significant as the workout routine plan you accomplish as an athlete.

 In seek of successful results achievement every elite athlete needs a planned  workout plan. Easy, long day runs should be varied with speed focused practice, according to the training director for the well-known website Runner’s World as well as the senior director of Employee Fitness and Health for all of Rodale Inc.(Budd Coates;1) Long distance easy pace running is one of the essential components of successful performance results. First of all, it builds up the runner’s muscle endurance, which includes 4 to 6 miles distance. After long distance practice it is significant to accomplish 50 meters four barefoot sprints, which helps to prevent from the risk of injury, according to Budd Coates (1), the training director. As a variety, on the following day every elite runner is recommended to run speed acceleration sprints with six to eight sets of them, which boosts muscle power. As a comparison to post-long run workout, a runner should progress two miles as a cool down. Another essential part which every elite runner should include in their practice routine,website Runner’s World (1) recommends, is core workout. During running practice there is an amount of muscle mass being lost every time together with fat. In order to maintain an adequate amount of muscle mass, every elite runner should accomplish at least once in a week a core workout plan. According to the Runner’s World every fifth runner’s results are improved throughout the year of having followed the workout described above. According to the evidence produced, we can suggest the significance of balance between workout which focuses on either endurance of muscle or their power. Obviously, post-long run workout cool down essentially differs from practice after accelerated sprints. In order to achieve high results the runner should accomplish specific post-practice plan, depending on type of running being done before. One of the risks of ignorance of barefoot sprints after a long distance run is a high risk of injury, which can occur due to legs pounding a lot. It is also important to cool down muscles after speed acceleration sprints, which should be followed with two miles running as a post-practice. Hence there is a possibility of losing an amount of muscle mass, which helps every athlete to run, core workout routine should be included in a weekly practice at least once. Having said that, in order to achieve successful results in running, every elite runner should find a balance between long-distance practice and speed acceleration sprints as well as core workout included in their training schedule.

           The appropriate type of shoes any runner wears is one of the key elements which leads to first place in the race. Depending on the type of distance any athlete runs, a pair of shoes should include specific features in order to prevent from any injuries, according to REI CO-OP Running Website(1) REI CO-OP Website recommends to wear super-cushioned shoes during long-distance workout, which work best for people who are more likely to be injured. Therefore, the shoes are supposed to be 50 % more cushioning than normal one for a greater shock absorption, which essentially reduces the risk of injury. On another hand, it is important to wear racing flat shoes during speeded acceleration sprints which look like a light version of the basic training shoes. It has half the built-in cushion of the training shoes and is designed to weigh the least as possible having a little of support. Racing flats do not provide the runner’s foot with enough support, which makes them ideal for injuries if one’s running long distance. Instead, they are designed for running fast short distances, as they weigh much less tran training basic shoes. Meanwhile, during races with short distances REI CO-OP Running Website highly recommends wearing racing spikes shoes. These pair of shoes are extremely lightweight with no support, having metal spikes which screw into the soles. Being designed specifically for either track meets or cross-country races, they are usually created of hard plastic or rubber with extra grip. Kara Goucher has run 15 years without having followed the combination of three types of running shoes. At the age of 20 she started following the rule of running shoes, which led her to being two-time Olympian;10K world championships bronze medalist and fastest American woman half-marathoner. Based on the evidence provided, we are able to outline three types of shoes being recommended to wear depending on the type of distance running. In case of the runner willing to exclude any opportunity for injury, he is strongly recommended to wear high cushioned shoes during long-distance running. Therefore, they should feature greater shock absorption. Hence, the faster speed an athlete practices the more successful meet in the future he would experience, he is strongly recommended to wear the racing flats. In other words, the lighter the shoes weigh during practicing short-distance running, the easier it is for him to get faster. Finally, once the runner gets a privilege to attend a track meet, in order to win the first place he needs to be as fast as he can. Therefore, he should wear the racing spikes, which are another type of shoes. Specifically designed for track meets, the racing spikes are made of hard plastic or rubber with spikes screw into the sole, allowing the runner’s speed accelerated several times more than their usual speed during daily workout. Finally, depending on the type of distance an athlete runs, it is significant to wear different type of shoes in favor of injuries decrease along with training accelerated speed which then lead to high results during races.

Running-form advice and coaching tips.

   Running-coaching tips before meets

Every professional elite runner is looking forward to improve quality of their performance during events, which vary from short distances to long ones. Obviously, the results do not show up in the first days of practices-they appear within months or sometimes even years. Results show up in case of following some important factors, one of them is enhanced nutrition plan, where the runner should consume certain amount of proteins,carbohydrates and fats. Another important aspect of boosted improvement is balanced and organized weekly workout plan, where core exercises together mixed with easy day long runs should vary with speeded sets of running routine. Other significant point to be mentioned is that running can not be beneficial unless right type of shoes are chosen-depending on type of running routine the athlete should accomplish, different type of shoe should be worn. An athlete’s performance on the meets focusing on speed or duration can be essentially boosted by smart nutrition plan.

Enhanced and balanced nutrition plan is half of an athlete’s successful performance. According to triathlete Cindy Sherwin, a registered dietitian and personal coach, in order to optimize workout, the runner should follow the rule of snacks before and after the practice (1). Before the practice Sherwin recommends to have a meal, which contains carbohydrates and protein at a ratio of four to one. By having said that she suggests to have a granola or a protein bar containing a little percentage of protein with high amount of carbohydrates. At the same time an athlete’s post-run snack should include a high percentage of proteins, approximately 20 grams with moderate to low amount of carbohydrates. Shalane Flanagan, for instance, have ignored the rule of snacks for the most career of her running experience, which started when she was 10 years old. When she was 15 until getting 25 her pace was regular and stable. The turnpoint in her running career was when Shalane met another coach who recommended her to have a snack before the workout. Eventually, in three years she became an Olympic bronze medalist;U.S. 10K record holder;second-fastest American woman marathoner. Based on that evidence, we can infer the percentage of proteins per carbs before run affects runner’s performance differently from post-run ratio. Obviously,if the runner would have missed essential amount of protein per carbohydrates, not only his quality of the running practice would be decreased , but also physical condition. One of the most terrifying disadvantages of protein intake ignorance is loss of muscles, with help of which every running gets better. In case of carbohydrates, lack of them would decrease runner’s endurance, as energy levels would be low. As the running requires a lot of energy and power, an athlete would not be able to perform well, ending up to being light-headed easily. Therefore, in order to exclude the poor quality of the runner’s performance, an athlete should consume enough amount of proteins per carbohydrates before as well as after the practice.