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   Running-coaching tips before meets

Every professional elite runner is looking forward to improve quality of their performance during events, which vary from short distances to long ones. Obviously, the results do not show up in the first days of practices-they appear within months or sometimes even years. Results show up in case of following some important factors, one of them is enhanced nutrition plan, where the runner should consume certain amount of proteins,carbohydrates and fats. Another important aspect of boosted improvement is balanced and organized weekly workout plan, where core exercises together mixed with easy day long runs should vary with speeded sets of running routine. Other significant point to be mentioned is that running can not be beneficial unless right type of shoes are chosen-depending on type of running routine the athlete should accomplish, different type of shoe should be worn. An athlete’s performance on the meets focusing on speed or duration can be essentially boosted by smart nutrition plan.

Enhanced and balanced nutrition plan is half of an athlete’s successful performance. According to triathlete Cindy Sherwin, a registered dietitian and personal coach, in order to optimize workout, the runner should follow the rule of snacks before and after the practice (1). Before the practice Sherwin recommends to have a meal, which contains carbohydrates and protein at a ratio of four to one. By having said that she suggests to have a granola or a protein bar containing a little percentage of protein with high amount of carbohydrates. At the same time an athlete’s post-run snack should include a high percentage of proteins, approximately 20 grams with moderate to low amount of carbohydrates. Shalane Flanagan, for instance, have ignored the rule of snacks for the most career of her running experience, which started when she was 10 years old. When she was 15 until getting 25 her pace was regular and stable. The turnpoint in her running career was when Shalane met another coach who recommended her to have a snack before the workout. Eventually, in three years she became an Olympic bronze medalist;U.S. 10K record holder;second-fastest American woman marathoner. Based on that evidence, we can infer the percentage of proteins per carbs before run affects runner’s performance differently from post-run ratio. Obviously,if the runner would have missed essential amount of protein per carbohydrates, not only his quality of the running practice would be decreased , but also physical condition. One of the most terrifying disadvantages of protein intake ignorance is loss of muscles, with help of which every running gets better. In case of carbohydrates, lack of them would decrease runner’s endurance, as energy levels would be low. As the running requires a lot of energy and power, an athlete would not be able to perform well, ending up to being light-headed easily. Therefore, in order to exclude the poor quality of the runner’s performance, an athlete should consume enough amount of proteins per carbohydrates before as well as after the practice.


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